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Watering – an art or a science?

Not long ago in my granddad’s day, you could predict the seasons and every gardener knew what to do when, planning which gardening tasks to do on each day of the year. Now, just like our modern lives, the weather is less predictable….This time last week, we were all sweltering in 30 degree heat – since then we have had storms, torrential rain and floods, making planning the watering of our plants into an art form! Here are a few tips to help you get the balance right: – Don’t READ MORE

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Time for a rain-dance?

The UK is now suffering from a severe drought, due to the shortage of winter rainfall this year and many regions will have hosepipe bans enforced on them, if they haven’t already. But if you live in a low-rainfall area, it need not stop you gardening! Follow these hints and tips to use your water as wisely as possible: Careful watering Timing Watering in the evening or early in the morning means that more water is absorbed and less is lost by evaporation.  You also avoid READ MORE

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