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Watering – an art or a science?

Not long ago in my granddad’s day, you could predict the seasons and every gardener knew what to do when, planning which gardening tasks to do on each day of the year. Now, just like our modern lives, the weather is less predictable….This time last week, we were all sweltering in 30 degree heat – since then we have had storms, torrential rain and floods, making planning the watering of our plants into an art form! Here are a few tips to help you get the balance right: - Don’t READ MORE
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Put a spring in your step!

With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising, there’s a real sense of hope that spring just around the corner, so it’s time to get out there and start thinking about your garden  Things to think about: Take a look at your layout and consider whether the general structure of the garden could be improved – it’s easier to see before all the flowers and shrubs start to grow & fill out Assess what works and what doesn’t.  Do you have the spaces and features READ MORE
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Planting through membrane and mulch – a step-by-step guide

Planting through weed membrane and covering it with gravel or bark chippings is a great way to reduce weeding and create an attractive low maintenance border. However, the planting can be a bit tricky, so here are 5 simple steps to make it easier:   Step 1 – clearing the gravel/bark If you can plant before you apply the mulch to hide the membrane, that is best, but if you aren’t able to do so, rake back the mulch to expose the membrane beneath. Cut a cross READ MORE
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Henley’s not just the Regatta!

  Despite being in the depths of winter and cold weather, there is already a spring-like buzz around town in Henley!  Plans are in place for the most amazing event, a must for everyone who wants to improve their home, both inside and outside!  The Henley House and Garden Show is a fabulous inspiring weekend event on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March, featuring over 50 exhibitors of high-end interior and garden products and services, as well as speakers from the Society of READ MORE
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Trust me, I’m a garden designer!

When it comes to gardening, patience is everything and there’s certainly a large element of trust involved at this time of year especially.... Many people assume that after summer, things are calming down in the gardening world, in fact nothing could be further from the truth!  With the cooler & damper weather, its now the ideal time for planting new plants into your borders and the perfect opportunity to split existing perennials to create larger displays of your favourite plants in READ MORE
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A Proud Day to be a Green Business

Today is a very proud day for Wild to Wonderful – we have reached the final of the Oxfordshire Venus Awards in the Green Business category.  In a glittering awards ceremony this evening, we will find out if we have won the title for this year’s award. Whether we win or not, we are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated and recognised for our efforts to be an ethical and environmentally friendly business. As well as the obviously green nature of our core business, we have always READ MORE
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How does your garden blend with its surroundings?

The most pleasing gardens complement their natural surroundings, connecting effortlessly with the landscape. Our gardens should provide a tranquil space to enjoy, a haven from the outside world where you can sit and watch the world go by at its own natural pace. A well planned garden should reflect your own personality and particular needs as well as blending seamlessly into your local environment.  Here at Wild to Wonderful, we advise our customers on how to create a garden that fits READ MORE
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Brightening a small area with pots

Even if you only have a small garden or no space for a border in your garden, you can still create a beautiful effect using pots. You can use bright colours to add a splash of colour to a dull corner or use more subtle cooling green foliage for a cooling effect, and also add scent and height to otherwise flat or featureless areas. Either groupings of pots of different shapes and sizes or just one large feature pot, whichever takes your fancy!  And of course, you can move them around READ MORE
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How to cut back your spring flowering bulbs

It's a great time to cut back your spring flowering bulbs now, so watch our simple how-to guide to make sure you get a great result again next year! READ MORE
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A Wild to Wonderful Garden – A Client’s Perspective

(4th blog in a series of 4) Cathy to revisit in Spring 2014 to review progress and to advise accordingly This is the final stage of the four blog/gardening project to change my pond area. Cathy and I set out to transform what was a dank and dreary pond area into a vibrant, colourful and seasonal area that would be attractive all year round. As readers of this blog will know, we stripped out the old heathers and weeds and planted the pond area with new heathers, sedums, hebes and spring READ MORE
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