Garden design concept plans

Once you are happy to proceed with your garden project, we will arrange a date to return to your garden to perform a survey of your existing garden. This enables us to plot the exact dimensions and levels of your garden and the location of existing features you wish to keep. There is no need for you to be at home during the survey, as long as we have access to your garden.

We then create the ideas for your new garden, using all we learnt from you during our initial consultancy session.

These design ideas are presented to you as a 2D ‘birds-eye’ plan view, drawn to scale. You can choose from a standard black & white plan, or a colour plan with sketches and photographs to help you visualise how your new garden will look and feel, presented on a mood board which is then yours to keep. We also make suggestions of suitable materials for creating your garden.

Should you wish to be more involved in the design process, you can also arrange an interim visit to view the rough design ideas before you receive your final design plan. This enables you to view the different suggested designs and feed into these before the final plan is produced.

Prices for this stage vary according to the size and complexity of your garden, but typically these range from £995-£2,500 for domestic garden projects. You can also make one set of changes to your design plan at no extra charge to make sure you are completely happy with the final plan.

Once you are happy with your design plan, you are then ready to proceed to the next stage – the build of your new garden.

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