How does your garden blend with its surroundings?

The most pleasing gardens complement their natural surroundings, connecting effortlessly with the landscape.

Our gardens should provide a tranquil space to enjoy, a haven from the outside world where you can sit and watch the world go by at its own natural pace. A well planned garden should reflect your own personality and particular needs as well as blending seamlessly into your local environment.

 Here at Wild to Wonderful, we advise our customers on how to create a garden that fits in with their own local environment. There are a number of ways to achieve this, including:

  •  Using natural materials that conform to the local area – for example brick and stone work, or whether the property is rural or urban.
  • Using plants that will suit your area and soil conditions to ensure easy future maintenance
  • Considering your neighbours’ gardens and hedgerows to see what thrives in your immediate locality.  Sharing cutting with your neighbours can be a great way of sharing knowledge and learning more about what works well in your area.
  • Helping you to look after your plants correctly including planting in the most suitable space in your garden, predicting their ultimate size and shape, requirements for maintenance and pruning at the right time
  • Creating habitats for local wildlife by planting to attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects such as ladybirds.
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