Smiling through the rain!

It's been a wet summer!

From drought conditions at the beginning of the summer, to flooding and record high rainfall falling now, we’ve had some interesting weather this season!

But it doesn’t have to stop you thinking about your garden – read on for the positive side of wet weather…..

1) No need to water

It might sound obvious, but it can save you a lot of time and effort lugging watering cans, unravelling hoses etc.

Always remember to water your pots sheltered from the rain by walls, eaves or overhanging trees though, and don’t forget to keep watering your greenhouse.

If you are going away on holiday, you can simply group pots out into an open space without needing to ask your neighbours to make several watering visits

Looking forward to when the hot weather returns (and it will, it will!!) our water butts will all be full and ready with lots of fresh rainwater.

Plus with water restrictions now lifted, you can keep your patios, paths & cars sparkling clean.

2) Extended the planting season

It’s difficult to establish new plants in hot, dry summer weather, so planting is best avoided.  But currently the soil is damp and warm, so perfect for putting in or moving plants.

If you do have problem plants and don’t know where to put them, consulting a professional will help improve your planting layouts.

3) Healthy plant growth

Everyone’s garden is looking lush & green, with plants thriving and growing well – you only need to look at the speed your lawn is growing!

This means that it’s easy to spot unhealthy plants and remove/relocate them to better positions – if they don’t grow well in these ideal growing conditions, they never will!!  If you need some help positioning your plants, ask a professional to help you.

4) Bumper crops

Many veg plants are producing bumper crops – potatoes, radish, onions, parsley, peas are all doing well, and fruit plants such as currants and raspberries are thriving.

5) Less summer pests

Have you been troubled by wasps this season?  Slugs might love the wet, but many other plant pests hate the rain as much as we do, so are not multiplying at their usual rate.  Lily beetles is a prime example – usually I have to remove hoards of them regularly from my prized plants, but this year I have only found two all summer!

6) Planning opportunities

When the rain falls and you have to go indoors, why not take the time to reassess how well your garden works?

The views from the house may not be as attractive as they once were, plants may have grown too large and be overhanging arches and paths (making you wet as you rush past).  You will also be able to see where you might have drainage problems, as boggy lawns and standing water will be obvious.

This means that when the weather dries out, you will be ready to hit the ground running and turn your ideas into reality.

7) Special offers in BBQ & garden furniture

Many retailers are having sales on outdoor entertainment, so you can pick up a real bargain, to be ready for sunnier times.

So it’s time to enjoy the greenery around us until the sunnier, hotter days arrive!

Happy summer!

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