The green, green grass of home

this amazing lawn photo kindly supplied by SLR Photography

Are you disappointed with your lawn? 

Now that temperatures are dropping and the air is getting moister, it’s time to give your lawn an autumn overhaul:

– Get out your rake & remove dead thatch from the lawn to help it breathe again.
– If your lawn is too large to rake, invest in a scarifier!

– With all the rain this year, many lawns have suffered from waterlogging. To avoid this, add holes into lawn to aid drainage (using fork or hollow tine aerator)
– Rake top dressing(3 parts loam, 6 sharp sand, 1 compost) into holes

Apply autumn fertiliser & moss killer

Repair patches
– If scarifying & killing moss, leaves you with no lawn, take the opportunity to repair the patches with seed or unwanted turf from other areas of your lawn
–  Choose seed that is suitable for your type of lawn/usage or special patch repair kits from garden centre
–  Make sure you water well

Level uneven areas
– If some areas of your lawn are tricky to mow as they are uneven, peel back the turf & level the soil beneath (by either adding or removing soil)
– Fork over the soil and replace the turf
– Top dress with sandy soil & compress edges with edge of fork
– Make sure you water well

Continue to mow, but with care!
– Regular cutting keeps your lawn healthy, but you will find you do not need to do it so often as temperatures decrease
– Cut the grass on a higher setting
– Do not cut when wet, frozen or in cold winds, as this will damage the lawn and compact the soil beneath, causing drainage problems and moss later on

By taking time this autumn, you can make your lawn the prize of your garden next year!

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